Have you ever been called “too sensitive?”

Updated: Oct 18, 2017

A girdle of Venus is a marking that runs across the top one-third of the hand (see photo) and is all about sensitivity. People with this marking have often been told they are too sensitive, that they need to toughen up. The crummy part is those sensitive folks have usually been told it was their downfall when all along it was their superpower!

I have this marking and I know I’ve been called all of those things and worse. When we were first married (before he was a therapist LOL), my hubby would say, “You need to toughen up, you’re too sensitive, blah, blah.” So like everyone else who has heard same criticism, I immediately thought there was something wrong with me. I would also be able to sense what other people were feeling and when I would tell him, he would say I was crazy!!! It was so frustrating! I’m glad he became a therapist and is used to my “sensitivity” now!

So how is sensitivity a superpower? When someone is very sensitive to others they can really empathize, understand, relate, and even sometimes feel others pain. They can come from a place of true understanding when relating to people. This sensitivity helps the owner know how to navigate people and situations. I know I use mine to feel my way through situations with people and it allows me to relate better. The owner of this marking can be dreamy and idealistic. The downside potential for people with this marking can be feeling like everything bombards them. They can also have an inaccurate perception of how people are relating to them and can make things about them even if they’re not.

If you have this marking use it to your advantage and if anyone calls you too sensitive, just tell them it's your superpower!

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