Learn to Access the Akashic Records!

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  • 4 - 90 minute one-on-one trainings sessions over zoom.
  • 6 course audios.
  • An electronic study guide to assist you with your learning journey.
  • Recording of each session.

Incredible benefits of learning to access your records:

  • Establish a clearer and deeper connection to your highest guidance and your higher-self.
  • Have activation, help and support to develop your Akashic Connection Abilities.
  • Release past life traumas and energetic attachments.
  • Move through resistance faster and with greater ease.
  • Clear out old unconscious agreements and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Understand the events in your life from the higher perspective of your Soul.
  • Align with your Soul Purpose and Soul Mission.
  • Connect with other lifetimes to expand your gifts and abilities.
  • Manifest faster and easier.

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