Intuitive Adventure - 4 Week Audio Course

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Four week Course Audios

What you will receive from this course:

1) Learn to connect to your highest guidance in any moment to gain understanding, insight and clarity.

2) Open your unique intuitive abilities.

3) Connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, Ascended Masters and angels.

4) Navigate life with more ease and confidence.

5) Cultivate a deep sense of peace and trust within yourself.

6) Akashic Records Journey & Ceremony - "Opening Your Soul Gifts"

This course is PERFECT for you:

  • If you’ve ever felt like you are intuitive, but could use help developing your intuitive talents. strengthening and trusting your connection to your intuition.
  • If you’re desiring to live a life with the greater ease and confidence.
  • You are ready to connect to your guidance quickly and effortlessly!

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