Akashic Records Intuitive Coaching Session 90 minutes

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Akashic Records Intuitive 90 minute Session - Move forward in your life with greater ease and clarity!

90 minute sessions are great for addressing multiple topics during a session. Sessions take place over zoom.

Angie will work with you and your highest guidance in the Akashic Records to understand whatever is most important to assist you with in this moment to create what you truly desire and release what isn't serving you.

What's possible in an Akashic Records Intuitive Coaching Session:

  • Receive messages from your highest guidance; clarity, direction, awareness and ideas.
  • Release emotional attachments and limiting beliefs.
  • Experience past life healings.
  • Connect with your soul essence and the wisdom of your higher self.
  • Understand and release the root of the patterns that keep you looping back to the same experiences.

*After your purchase Angie will email you within 24 hours with a link to schedule your session.

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