Akashic Adventure - 9 month VIP program with Certification - $297 Monthly Subscription

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Please Read: By clicking subscribe I agree to be charged monthly $150 for 9 months. I agree to all 9 payments and I understand there are no cancellations or refunds.

Take your Akashic Records and quantum journey to the next level! As you deepen your intuitive abilities and relationship with the Akashic records and quantum field you raise your vibration, transcend your current circumstances, align with your Divine Destiny, manifest your Soul's Desires and move into alignment with your Soul! The Akash is an incredible energetic tool to assist you to step into your Best Life and experience greater ease, fulfillment, peace, harmony, wholeness & purpose!

Not only is the Quantum Level of the Akashic Records an incredible healing tool you can use to assist yourself and others, the Akashic Adventure Course is an Alignment and Expansion Adventure for your Life!

Up-level Your Life!

Align with your True Essence to create your most fulfilling life in All Areas!

Your Self-Expression in the world: Purpose, Mission, Service, Fulfillment, Business, Career/Vocation.

Your Prosperity & Abundance Consciousness: Abundance of Time, money, Self-Worth and Freedom.

Your Relationships: Self, Self-Love, Inner Child, Family, Romantic Love, Community, Soul family. Guides, Galactic Family, Angelics.

Your Wellness: Balance and align your energy field. Create strong energetic boundaries. Open and allow well-being.

In addition to the Akashic Records Adventure course you can receive your Akashic Records Practitioner Level 1 or Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner Certification Level 2 to assist others with their transformation!

In this VIP option you receive five plus one Bonus sessions of one-on-one support and training during the Course and a Certification.Receive SIX total 90 minute sessions with Angie for support and training. Receive Akashic Records Level 1 or 2 practitioner certification with this VIP option depending on your current level. Level One Practitioner: Akashic Reading and Energy Work for others.

Level Two Advanced Practitioner: Advanced Reading and Advanced Energy Work. If you desire you can use several of your sessions to focus on getting paid for your services and using the Akashic Records to guide your business and marketing plan.

*Certification requirements include: Session notes from 5 Akashic practice sessions and one recorded session to be turned in.

By purchasing I am agreeing to make all 9 monthly payments in full.

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