Abundance Alignment Adventure Audio Course

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Open to abundance and FLOW at new levels in this 4 part Alignment Adventure!

Up-level Your Abundance with this 4-part Audio Course!

Align with the abundance that is your birthright and FLOW with ease great ease!

In this course Angie teaches meditations and energy processes that you can use over and over again to continue to create greater ease and flow in every area of your life. You will connect with your deepest truths about what is possible for your prosperity and assist you to breakthrough your limitations and soar to new heights of flow in your life.

What's included:

  • 4 Abundance Alignment Audios with teachings, meditations and processes.
  • PDF of all slides to follow along and take notes.

The Abundance Alignment Course Assists to:

  • Align you with the abundance and prosperity that is your truth.
  • Open yourself to abundance from unlimited sources.
  • Help break the limited patterns restricting your abundance and money flow.
  • Heal the resistance to receiving the abundance that you deserve and desire.
  • Align with your most abundant future self and timeline.
  • Increase your self-love, self-acceptance and compassion.
  • Release limitations, lack and what no longer serves your highest path.
  • Grow, heal and expand in a community with other light-workers.
  • Raise your abundance & prosperity consciousness, physical vibration and send out abundance ripples on a global scale!

This adventure is for...

  • Lightworkers who feel they have been working too hard and not yet receiving the abundance they desire for their efforts.
  • Those who desire abundance to flow to them with greater ease.
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