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Angie Kay

Soul-Led Living

Embody your true self
Express your soul gifts

Expand your self love & abundance

Live your Soul Calling
Become Your True Self

This is Your Goddess Frequency.

I am an intuitive coach and sound healer who speaks for the Soul.

I help Intuitive Entrepreneurs, Soul-led Women, & Spiritual Explorers uplevel their LIFE with compassion, clear-sight, & wisdom, leading you to your FREEDOM!


I speak for the SOUL. That part of you that resonates with your Soul Calling. I help you break through the fear and resistance that inevitably shows up when you're expanding. 

I assist women who have a deep soul calling to embody their divine feminine and create their Soul-Led Life.

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Welcome to  the age of Frequency. 

3 Ways you can work with me


Angie's been working with me to help me realize my life purpose and how to work through to start living it.

At first I thought of her as a scientific hand analyst, then it slowly became apparent to me that she was indeed a life purpose pathfinder using hand analysis as her modality. She helped me connected the dots on how some of what I'm already doing is part of my path and helped me see how to stay on track by connecting with my authentic self.


I have a whole new way of thinking now as I'm tackling tasks and going through my day. I'm much more confident and know  I'm heading in the right direction.  Thank you, Angie! <3 <3 <3

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