Join me in June 2020 for an

Akashic Records 8 week ADVENTURE!

Access your Akashic Records to

 expand your intuitive gifts, receive clarity 

& soar into your Soul Purpose

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all of your Soul's experiences and a transformational tool for aligning with your Soul's Purpose, Soul Mission,

who you REALLY are, and what you truly want. 

Working with the Akashic records helps you transform your current circumstances and move into alignment with your soul so you can step into your best life and experience greater ease, fulfillment, peace, harmony, wholeness & purpose!

What's included in the 8 week Adventure:

  • A powerful method to access your Akashic Records.

  • Raise your vibration by working in the Akashic Records.

  • A simple yet powerful system for transforming your life through identifying and releasing emotional attachments, limiting beliefs, & patterns.

  • Learn to communicate with your Akashic guides, spirit team, teachers and ancestors.

  • Learn to set powerful intentions for optimal results.

  • Learn to access the immense wisdom of your Soul's perspective and higher self around any aspect of your life journey.

  • Use your records to gain clarity and direction around your Life Purpose, Life Mission and Soul Desires.

  • Learn to heal and transmute fear and energetic attachments to experiences, past life trauma or ancestral patterns. 

  • Greatly expand your intuitive and healing abilities.

This course is for you if...

  • You have been feeling the call to learn to work with the Akashic Records.


  • You want to take your intuitive gifts to the next level to assist yourself and others.


  • You know your Soul Purpose is calling you, but you're not clear on your purpose, mission and steps to take.


  • You know you were meant for much more than your current circumstances. 


  • You have ever felt there has to be an easier way to connect with your guidance, higher self and inner wisdom.


  • You are a lightworker who wants to create Massive Inspired Action in 2020.


  • You are a coach or healer who would love to incorporate the Akashic Records to assist yourself or your clients.

There will be a private Facebook group to ask questions and share experiences.

Classes are held on Zoom Tuesdays at 5pm MST beginning on June 23rd with the exception of Monday July 13th and no class the week of July 20th.

Class dates:  Tuesday June 23rd, June 30th, July 7th July 14th,

No class week of July 20th,

July 28th, August 4th, 11th & 18th


Pre-Solstice Price: $555

(Savings of $140 Now through June 20th)

or 3 monthly payments of $197

PayPal available.







VIP Option with Certification!

In addition to the Momentum 2020 course you can receive your

Akashic Records Practitioner Certification to assist other with their transformation!

In this VIP option you receive three sessions of one-on-one support and training during the Momentum 2020 Course and a Certification.

BONUS! Intuitive Adventure 4 session audio course Free.

Receive three 90 minute sessions with Angie supporting you with your Akashic Records learning, growth and self-discovery. You will receive these once per month during your course. Receive Akashic Records Level 1 practitioner certification with this VIP option.

*Certification requirements include: Session notes from 5 Akashic sessions and one recorded session to be turned in. 


VIP Bundle Pre-Solstice

3 Payments of $397 through June 20th (save $200)

PayPal available.

Meet the Group Facilitator...

In 2015 Angie Kraft-Meldahl found herself in a full blown crisis of meaning where she began re-evaluating everything in her life. She had spent 17 years in the corporate world and suddenly she craved a dramatically different career, one with deep meaning and purpose.  At that point she started to search for the direction she was desiring. She eventually found the tranfomative spiritual tools of Life Purpose Hand Analysis and the Akaschic records. Her life finally began to transform with deeper meaning as she began her journey of self-discovery in the Akashic Records.

Now Angie is passionate about helping others who are feeling frustrated with their lives or stuck in the same repeating cycles.  She helps people who are searching for deeper meaning begin down their joyful path of purpose and free themselves of the patterns that are holding them back.

Angie is a certified hand analyst, certified Intuitive Life Coach and Akashic Records teacher. She also in an intuitive who channels, and offers Akashic Records energy readings and healings. She is certified additionally in Energy Medicine and Reiki. 

 Angie Kraft-Meldahl


I have never found such genuine purpose from a class before, you classes are like no others. I have ever experienced, its like deep layers of other worldly spiritual learning.. True story! I found my Destiny and Angie intuitively led me there. Absolute divine timing! She is a masterful divinely led leader and I have learned a lot and transformed quickly, shedding layers and patterns of behavior and beliefs that no longer serve me and allowing me to freely stand into my sovereignty and power and create a life I love. I’m still in awe- she knowingly stays true to her heart and teaches with fiery passion. I am so thankful. Forever changed.

-Rhonda Richard, LOA Life Coach, Akashic Records Practitioner

"I love, love, love the Akashic Records and this is the best course I have ever done. Angie was awesome at teaching and supporting us. My favorite part of Momentum 2020 was the joining together with others. I appreciated having the space during the quarantine where I could gather with other like minded individuals when the rest of the world was turned upside down. Everyone was so supportive and fun. I also have so much appreciation for Angie and her heart centered way of leading the class. She receives downloads about what to teach us and it’s always perfect. She is so easy going and shines as she teaches. The content of the class was insightful. I learned a lot of new things and had a number of ah-ha moments. I particularly enjoyed learning the Diamond Healing technique which was very powerful for me when I experienced it. With Angie’s expert guidance I was able to enter my Akashic records with ease. I was successful at healing parts of myself from this lifetime and other times. I gained a great deal of confidence with this course - I can do it. I do have intuitive abilities, and I can facilitate an Akashic records reading for clients. Angie’s course has allowed me to tap into all of this, get empowered and connect with amazing people. I also participated in Angie’s Intuitive Adventure 2020 group program and wow, I loved every second. The way in which she delivers knowledge along with her intuition to guide you is simply wonderful. I have experienced blissfully dreamy visualizations channeled by Angie and lots of ah-ha moments as she guided me towards my inner voice. If I could give one major takeaway from working with Angie I would say she helped empower me. I finally realized my gifts and my abilities. I felt ten feet tall and experienced my true Divine self. Not only that, I was fully supported in my journey with her and received wonderful aftercare. The group participants are equally as lovely as Angie attracts such high vibrational clients. I made lovely friends within Angie’s group and we keep in touch regularly. I feel so blessed so have been a part of something so special. Thank you so much Angie for all that you give to us. I can fully recommend and endorse her."

Kara Barry, LOA Coach


"Angie is incredible! I have been learning how to access the Akashic Records with her and she has been a powerful teacher and guide. Within 3 sessions I have gained so much knowledge and comfort working with the records. She offers so much value with everything she does. I have been thrilled working with Angie and look forward to seeing what unfolds as I continue to work with her."

Maureen Morgan, Nutritionist and Essential Oils Consultant



"Momentum 2020 was exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it! My intuitive abilities were expanding quickly, and I felt overwhelmed. Angie's guidance through this course helped me focus my gifts. Learning to access the Akashic Records has added a whole new layer to the way I can help my clients!"

Wendy Lou, Intuitive Oil Blends, Reiki Master

"Working with Angie was incredible! Having had a few Akashic Records sessions had me intrigued but I never thought that I could do it myself! Angie breaks very complex things down into manageable pieces so you can easily digest the information and understand what the next right step is. It has been very empowering work - I found a place and method (with Angie’s guidance) that works best for me to connect with my higher self, to ask ancestors and spirit guides for assistance, and to access a level of consciousness that I thought was reserved for “specially talented / gifted people.” Angie makes the Records and this Soul Work totally accessible!"

Ann Kaemingk, Environmental Health Advisor with Pure Haven

"Both my husband and I (during individual sessions) were moved to tears after an incredible experience with Angie where some deep healing occurred. In my experience, the healing was easy, gentle and complete as Angie guided me on a journey, connected my present self to a past experience that was creating physical issues in my now, and then walked me through clearing it. I had been experiencing shortness of breath for years, combined with shoulder issues, which I always just attributed to anxiety and stress. During this session, I discovered a past life experience having to do with my shoulders and arms and when Angie and I cleared it, I felt a relief in this area that I had never felt before. Also, my shortness of breath was gone, and has not returned! I highly recommend her services. She is intuitive, supportive and fun!"

-Jasmine Duenas Bernheim

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