Four week Audio Course

Would you love to be able to communicate with the unconditionally loving and

encouraging presence of your guides and angels?

Have you ever wondered how your life would change if you

could access your highest guidance in every moment?

Have you noticed yourself becoming more intuitive,

but you're not sure how to trust and navigate these emerging abilities?

What you will receive from this course:

  •  Four transformational audio classes.

  •  Learn to connect to your highest guidance in any moment to gain understanding, insight and clarity.

  •  Begin to open your unique intuitive abilities.

  •  Connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, Ascended Masters and angels.

  •  Navigate life with more ease and confidence.

  •  Cultivate a deep sense of peace and trust within yourself.

  •  Learn to work with your intuitive abilities to view and heal your energy system.

  •  Week 4 call! Akashic Records Journey & Ceremony - "Opening Your Soul Gifts"


​This course is PERFECT for you:

  • If you’ve ever felt like you are intuitive, but could use help developing your intuitive talents. strengthening and trusting your connection to your intuition.

  • If you’re desiring to live a life with the greater ease and confidence.

  • Are you ready to connect to your guidance quickly and effortlessly?

  • Are you ready to build a deeply effective relationship with your own Intuition?


Intuitive Chakra Reading A Seven Week In

What are people saying?...


"I participated in Angie’s Intuitive Adventure and Akashic Records Program and wow, I loved every second. The way in which she delivers knowledge along with her intuition to guide you is simply wonderful. I have experienced blissfully dreamy visualizations channeled by Angie and lots of ah-ha moments as she guided me towards my inner voice. If I could give one major takeaway from working with Angie I would say she helped empower me. I finally realized my gifts and my abilities. I felt ten feet tall and experienced my true Divine self. Not only that, I was fully supported in my journey with her and received wonderful aftercare. The group participants are equally as lovely as Angie attracts such high vibrational clients. I made lovely friends within Angie’s group and we keep in touch regularly. I feel so blessed so have been a part of something so special. Thank you so much Angie for all that you give to us. I can fully recommend and endorse her."

Kara Barrie, Energy Healer, Channel