Four week Course Audios

In this audio course you receive access to four weeks of

audios delivered to your email.

Would you love to be able to communicate with the unconditionally loving and encouraging

presence of your guides and angels?

Have you ever wondered how your life would change if you could access your

highest guidance in every moment?

Have you noticed yourself becoming more intuitive,

but you're not sure how to trust and navigate these emerging abilities?

What you will receive from this course:

1) Learn to connect to your highest guidance in any moment to gain understanding, insight and clarity.

2) Begin to open your unique intuitive abilities.

3) Connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, Ascended Masters and angels.

4) Navigate life with more ease and confidence.

5) Cultivate a deep sense of peace and trust within yourself.

6) Learn to work with your intuitive abilities to view and heal your energy system.

7) Week 4 call! Akashic Records Journey & Ceremony - "Opening Your Soul Gifts"


​This course is PERFECT for you:

  • If you’ve ever felt like you are intuitive, but could use help developing your intuitive talents. strengthening and trusting your connection to your intuition.

  • If you’re desiring to live a life with the greater ease and confidence.

  • Are you ready to connect to your guidance quickly and effortlessly?

  • Are you ready to build a deeply effective relationship with your own Intuition?

Investment: $197



"Angie is incredible! I have been learning how to access the Akashic Records with her and she has been a powerful teacher and guide. Within 3 sessions I have gained so much knowledge and comfort working with the records. She offers so much value with everything she does. I have been thrilled working with Angie and look forward to seeing what unfolds as I continue to work with her."

Maureen Morgan, Nutritionist and Essential Oils Consultant

"Angie has done it again! Whenever I need guidance, or a little extra push to truly SEE something, or support to face something BIG and heal it, she is able to connect me to my Akashic records with ease. I know myself, know what I'm able to do, and have largely come to the place where I am my own guru, but when I need help...Angie is my go-to! I had a past life knocking on my door, keeping me awake at night, and I couldn't decipher it, it overwhelmed me. Yesterday, Angie helped me sort it out, and did it quickly and effortlessly. Last night I slept like a rock! Thank you, Angie!"

Wendy Lou, Writer, Intuitive Oil Blends & Reiki Practitioner

"I want to thank Angie for the awesome session that we had a little while back! She dove into my akashic records and we had a very revealing and EXTREMELY useful session that shed a lot of light on some of my ongoing struggles and what I should be doing about them. Also a lot of things came out for me business-wise that I was able to turn around and implement IMMEDIATELY.

I loved my session and I definitely recommend anyone interested reach out to her about it. She's almost scary good at what she does, but she's also super open and helpful along the way, before and after in my experience!"

-Ty Dailey, Life Purpose Hand Analyst

"Both my husband and I (during individual sessions) were moved to tears after an incredible experience with Angie where some deep healing occurred. In my experience, the healing was easy, gentle and complete as Angie guided me on a journey, connected my present self to a past experience that was creating physical issues in my now, and then walked me through clearing it. I had been experiencing shortness of breath for years, combined with shoulder issues, which I always just attributed to anxiety and stress. During this session, I discovered a past life experience having to do with my shoulders and arms and when Angie and I cleared it, I felt a relief in this area that I had never felt before. Also, my shortness of breath was gone, and has not returned! I highly recommend her services. She is intuitive, supportive and fun!"

-Jasmine Duenas Bernheim