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Own your Soul Calling!

Confidently share your gifts with the world 

with the sisterhood & support of a Soul-Aligned Goddess Community!

Hey Goddess! I see you. You have a soul calling and you haven’t figured out how to fully own it yet.

You might be assuming that you have to do business from an older paradigm of using fear and guilt

to get people to buy from you (and frankly, it gives you the heebie-jeebies!) … 

Not to mention, you might be holding onto the belief that you must be in constant “doing” mode to be financially successful, without trusting your ability to “allow the flow” instead...

You know there’s a better way … and you’ve been soul-searching for a way to share your unique gifts without

compromising your integrity, your health, and your inner peace.

This is THE PROGRAM where Angie will share the simple techniques and methods she has used to successfully break out of the "3D box" of the old ways of doing business.

No more spinning your wheels with confusion and self doubt! 

It’s time to surrender to your heart's calling -- time for you to be living your purpose with 100% alignment!!

Join the Goddess Circle to...

  • Continue to reclaim your power while growing and expanding in your Akashic Records Journey!

  • Create a brand new Heart-Centered Dream Business or level-up your existing business!

  • Align with your Soul Calling and harness your passions to help birth a new world while in a supportive community with other Goddesses.

  • Break-through the major barriers to success of self-worth, speaking your truth, confidence, being seen, fear of failure/fear of success, fear of rejection, receiving money, owning your value & self-expression.

  • Learn a successful, easeful and joyful way of doing business where you follow your natural rhythm and work when you are inspired.

  • Magnetize the people, places, events and resources that will assist you with the fulfillment of your purpose.

  • Save time and money not having to muddle through and figure it out yourself!



  • Own your soul calling, purpose and your soul gifts

  • Your ideal client

  • Being Seen; Overcoming fear of rejection or hiding out

  • Your message, speaking your truth & attracting your audience

  • Align with your Success; Releasing fear of failure/fear of success

  • Self-worth & owning your value

  • Open to receive money and support joyously, releasing receiving blocks

  • Stepping into your leadership, release self-doubt

  • Other surprises!

This course is for you if...

  • You love doing quantum energy work in the records! You would love to use the records either directly for your clients OR use the records to assist you with the alignment and development of your dream business. 

  • You love the idea of being paid to be YOU!

  • You know deep down that there's an easier, simpler, and more aligned way to create your dream business than what the experts are saying.

  • You have a calling to share your gifts and passions with the world and be compensated abundantly for it, but you desire support, greater energetic alignment, confidence and direction to take that leap.

  • You desire more abundance, ease, freedom and creativity in your career.

  • You would love the fulfillment and additional income stream that a heart-centered business provides. 

What is included in The Goddess Circle membership?

Goddess Circle Zoom meetings the first 3 Wednesdays of the month at 5pm MST.

Each month, we’ll follow this weekly format: 

  • Week 1: Journey session with clearing, alignment and activation in the Akashic Records.

  • Week 2: Biz Goddess Strategy Session where Angie shares business, sales and communication strategies that have worked for her.

  • Week 3: We will have a guest speaker to share the heart-centered business path that is working for them. Mastermind breakout groups.​

  • Week 4: Integration time. No meeting.

Also Includes:

  • Group Healy Frequency 5 days a week for 8 months from the day you sign up.

  • Private Facebook Group to share experiences.

💚Emerald Level Goddess Circle Membership

Emerald Level is the Group Course Level.

Emerald Level Early Sign-Up Bonus!

Sign up by 9.17.21 at midnight and you get to choose your own BONUS from: 

- Life Purpose Hand Analysis Fingerprint Reading - 45 minute session with recording


- Akashic Records 60 minute clearing and alignment session.


Emerald Level  Investment: $2,497
Sign up with full pay by 9.17.21 at midnight and save $250! Use promo code EMERALD

9 monthly payments of $297
(subscription cancelled after 9th payment)

💙Sapphire Level Goddess Circle VIP Membership

Everything the Goddess Circle Community includes and in addition you get:

  • Six 75 minute one-on-one sessions with Angie supporting you during the course. 

  • Early sign-up comes with special Bonus choices, (see below).​​​

Sapphire Level Investment: $3,997
Sign up with full pay by 9.17.21 at midnight and save $350! Use promo code: SAPPHIRE

Sapphire Level 9 monthly payments of $444
(subscription cancelled after 9th payment)

💎Diamond Level VIP Goddess Circle

with Akashic Records Practitioner Certificate

Everything the Goddess Circle VIP includes, plus walk away feeling ultra-confident in your Akashic Records Reading skills with a certificate! 

Certificate Requirements: 

  • Complete 15 practice sessions.

  • Two recorded Akashic Sessions turned in, feedback is given.

  • Three session notes turned in.

  • You will receive a Certificate when the requirements and Goddess Circle Journey are completed. 

  • Sign up by 9.19.21 and choose your own bonus (see below) 

Diamond Level with Certificate Investment: $4,997
Sign up with full pay by 9.17.21 at midnight and save $450! promo code: DIAMOND

Diamond Level 10 monthly payments of $497
(subscription cancelled after 10th payment)

About Angie...


 Angie Kraft-Meldahl

In 2015 Angie found herself in a full blown crisis of meaning where she began re-evaluating everything in her life. She had spent 17 years in the corporate world and suddenly she craved a dramatically different career, one with deep meaning and purpose.  At that point she started to search for the direction she was desiring. She eventually found the tranfomative spiritual tools of Life Purpose Hand Analysis and the Akashic records. Her life finally began to transform with deeper meaning as she began her journey of self-discovery in the Akashic Records.

Now Angie is passionate about helping others who are feeling frustrated with their lives or stuck in the same repeating cycles.  She helps people who are searching for deeper meaning begin down their joyful path of purpose and free themselves of the patterns that are holding them back.

Angie is a certified hand analyst, certified Intuitive Life Coach, Certified QSCA Law of Attraction Coach and Akashic Records teacher. She also in an intuitive who channels, and offers Akashic Records energy readings and healings. She is certified additionally in Energy Medicine and Reiki. 

What people are saying...

maureen 2.jpg


Thank you for the wonderful class  you are spot on with how you are presenting it - for me it’s like waves in the ocean bringing the information in and allowing me to do the spiritual work in between waves. I’ve had a huge unfolding of clarity around my purpose & message! It’s unfolding beautifully - thank you!

-Rhonda Richard, LOA Life Coach, Akashic Records Practitioner

"I participated in Angie’s Intuitive Adventure and Momentum 2020 group program and wow, I loved every second. The way in which she delivers knowledge along with her intuition to guide you is simply wonderful. I have experienced blissfully dreamy visualizations channeled by Angie and lots of ah-ha moments as she guided me towards my inner voice. If I could give one major takeaway from working with Angie I would say she helped empower me. I finally realized my gifts and my abilities. I felt ten feet tall and experienced my true Divine self. Not only that, I was fully supported in my journey with her and received wonderful aftercare. The group participants are equally as lovely as Angie attracts such high vibrational clients. I made lovely friends within Angie’s group and we keep in touch regularly. I feel so blessed so have been a part of something so special. Thank you so much Angie for all that you give to us. I can fully recommend and endorse her."

Kara Barrie, Energy Healer, Channel


"Angie is incredible! I have been learning how to access the Akashic Records with her and she has been a powerful teacher and guide. Within 3 sessions I have gained so much knowledge and comfort working with the records. She offers so much value with everything she does. I have been thrilled working with Angie and look forward to seeing what unfolds as I continue to work with her."

Maureen Morgan, Nutritionist and Essential Oils Consultant

"Angie has an incredible energy that not only puts you right at ease, and is incredibly uplifting and encouraging. Instantly you can feel the genuine passion for sharing her message and gift to remind the world of the abundance available to us all. Working with Angie and accessing the Akashic Records not only brought me profound clarity to release past lives and deep-rooted blocks, but also helped me grow and connect with my Highest Inner Being and experience the love of Spirit. Through Angie's course I've transformed my entire belief system around money in a few weeks time! The overwhelming amount of support and connection I felt from Angie, the group and the lessons we all learned from sharing one another's journey was profound in itself. Take advantage of working with Angie now because her gift and energy have no limits to how wide-spread they will expand. Angie will be teaching on stage one day for thousands of people, watch this space!"

Joanna Mohr 

"Angie’s Akashic Record 9 month program was a profound class that gave me so much growth and willingness to jump further into new arenas in my life. First of all, before the class, I had done a hand reading with her that launched me into delving further to find answers. I have been an athlete all of my life and I was looking for a way to support myself as I healed from my physical wounds, plus create new spiritual practices. So, I jumped in with both feet. Angie guided us through so many journeys that helped me heal and learn about my old patterns. It was so great to see my classmates every time and to share our experiences after each of Angie’s journeys. I am currently traveling and I am trusting in this softer and more peaceful “Voice”. Flowing is a new way of life for me. Akashic Records is a wonderful way to see how our script can change if we are willing to open new doors and avenues that can bring more peaceful and loving patterns."

Molly McNamara

"I am astonished by the growth in my self-worth, self-love, and the confidence I gained while working with Angie in the Akashic Adventure - Embodying Your True Self training. We covered every aspect of our lives from relationships, with ourselves and others, our physical health, our relationship to money and our vocations. I felt so safe to express my growth, my challenges, and my resistance to change within the group. Angie holds beautiful space for all participants and takes the time to ensure we all had our questions answered and that we were getting the most out of our time.

I also added the VIP aspect and had one on one sessions with Angie during and following the course. I encourage anyone who feels drawn to work with Angie to invest in themselves and participate in any workshop or course she is holding. She is an amazing, attentive teacher and guide."

-Orissa Shay, Virgin, Utah