Frequency Sessions 

What is Healy?

Healy (with TimeWaver technology) is an innovative micro-current frequency device used for the assistance in managing pain, chronic pain, skeletal pain and migraine. Most Healy users report a reduction in pain symptoms and elevation in their emotional well-being. 


There are many applications that Healy offers for a wide variety of conditions, however, they have not been scientifically proven by western medicine. 


Healy works with the bio-energetic field to balance the energy system and stimulate our self-healing capacity. 

*Healy does not treat, diagnose or cure diseases. 

90 Minute Remote Healy Frequency Session: $79

This session comes with custom Healy Aura Frequency, recommended Healy frequency blend and your top recommended frequency program category. These frequencies are selected by Healy based on a scan of your bioenergetic field. Angie meets with you for the first 30 minutes on zoom for these frequency sessions. You do not need to meet in person. After purchasing you will be emailed to schedule a day and time for your frequency session. Angie will email you a list of programs that were run after the session and your aura scan analysis. 

One Month (24 sessions) of Remote Healy Frequency: $250

With this package your receive Healy Resonance Aura and Healy Blend remote session frequencies 21 minutes, 6 days a week for 4 weeks. You receive 3 minutes of customized Aura frequency and 12 minutes of recommended Healy Resonance frequency blend based on the results of your daily Healy scan. Also, you get to chose one additional Healy category, for example, pain or sleep that will be sent for 6 minutes. There is one 30 minute monthly zoom with Angie to set up a monthly customized plan or revise a current plan. After your 30 minute set up Angie does not need to see you in person or on zoom for these sessions. After purchasing Angie will email you to set up your initial consultation. 



How can I purchase my own Healy?

Healy has great options at several price points for different budgets and purposes! Contact Angie to find out more about owning a Healy.